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What is a 'Pod™?

A 'Pod™ is a shipping container that has a specialized function (off-grid vertical faming, large volume water harvesting, afforestation anchorage, etc.) and combines with other 'Pods™ to form larger structures or communities.

The proprietary form factor platform unites the 'Pods™ together, a harmony of water, power, food and housing with endless expansion options.

Other 'Pod™ structures include beautiful, disaster-proof housing, renewable power production managed through next-generation microgrids, and transportable mini-hospitals.

Organic Vegetables

A 'Pod™ that generates thousands of produce items every month with only a few minutes of labor per day. Off-grid. With no pesticides required. Too good to be true?

The HydroPod™ , a FarmPod™ variant, is a gateway to universal food security through an accessible off-grid vertical farming platform.


To inquire about purchasing a LifePod™, FarmPod, WaterPod™, HydroPod™ or PowerPod™ or for more information

"If we do not do the impossible, we shall be faced with the unthinkable."

-Murray Bookchin
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