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How does a 'Pod™ Work?

A Tour of a HydroPod™

hydropod genral_edited.jpg
hydropod genral.png

What Kinds of Things Can Be Grown?

Anything that fits inside the 'Pod™

Every HydroPod™ is fully customizable with any combination of our 4 growing mediums


hydropod trays.png
hydropod NFT.png
hydropod vert.png
Dutch Bucket
hydropod Dutch buckets.png

What if Water and Electricity are not available?

We've got you covered

hydropod offgrid.png

For a downloadable version of the brochure of our premier container-based farm, the HydroPod v1, click here.

For further questions regarding purchasing a FarmPod™, a HydroPod™, or any other essential services we provide, please contact us using the form below.


We look forward to speaking with you!

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