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It started as a dream: “What if we could revolutionize disaster relief?” From that dream, we’ve designed and built the world’s first off-grid vertical container farm.


The prototype ran for over 400 days uninterrupted and it got a lot of attention.


With a broad experience, we have the skillset and personnel to tackle all kinds of challenges.

We have designed strategies for:

  • the Bahamian government for the Marsh Habour rebuild on South Abaco Island

  • the Jamaican government using Port Royal as a template for the Smart 15 Initiative

  • and we believed we finally found a partner with the Institute of Applied Engineering, USF in July of 2022.


As the old adage goes, all that glitters is not gold and we had to move apart in March of 2023.


We are now ready to revolutionize the way people grow food and that’s just the beginning: this industry will be the foundation and bleeding edge of space habitation.


We see the vast blue ocean we are just starting to explore. If you see it too, we invite you to join us!

For more information about the FarmPod™, click here.

To order your own HydroPod­™, click here.

Let's change the world together.

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