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We are a technology company pioneering civil engineering (arcology) products which generate food, water and electricity in sustainable systems without being tied to any form of electrical grid or water utility. Our units operate with complete independence running off of renewable resources such as solar power and biogas.

Our first model, the FarmPod™, (specifically a variant of the FarmPod™ we call the HydroPod™) is breaking barriers in terms of production, reliability, and energy independence. We are eager to open dialogues with like-minded, forward-thinking companies about the possibility of collaboration. Our goal is to gather a dataset that will give us the optimal growing capacities and best practice deployment of these types of systems. We offer an opportunity to realize sustainable, completely organic produce in a compact system operating year round in an insulated internal microclimate that can be tailored to the nth degree and ambivalent of exterior weather conditions.

This prototype FarmPod™ has been operating independently and off-grid for coming up on 120 days (as of October 1st, 2021). We have already harvested our first crop of microgreens from it. The FarmPod™ does not require an electrical connection from the grid. It does not require municipal water and, since its core platform is a 20-foot shipping container, it is easily positioned and relocated.

For more information about the FarmPod™, click here.


To order your own HydroPod­™, click here.

Welcome to saving the world.


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