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Aerial View of Forest

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Discover the power of FarmPod

The off grid vertical farm housed in a shipping container

Aerial View of Forest

Designed and Engineered by LifePod Inc.

LifePod is a leading provider of container-based off-grid farming solutions. The FarmPod™ is designed to bring sustainability and advancement together with quality and precision into one innovative product. Engineered and designed by our team of experts, the FarmPod™ contains everything needed to grow organic food quickly and efficiently. Whether looking for a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle, or a luxurious and convenient alternative, FarmPod™ is the answer. Contact us today to learn more.

Hydroponic Vegetable Farm
Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

Take Farming Beyond Organic

Discover how FarmPod™ technology is revolutionizing the way chefs and discerning individuals grow fresh produce. With this state-of-the-art system, it is possible to have a fully automated farm right in the backyard. Say hello to pesticide-free organic, nutrient-rich crops. Whether you are a restaurant owner looking to source locally, or a health-conscious individual wanting to take control of your food,  FarmPod™ is the solution.

Aerial View of Forest

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