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AUSTIN - August 6, 2021 - LifePod, Inc. announced today that the group has achieved a monumental milestone of fifty days of independent off-grid operations of their arcology prototype, the HydroPod™. This line of ‘Pods™ serves as a technological demonstration of several of their techniques. The HydroPod™, a variant of their FarmPod™ line of storage container-based vertically stackable farms, has been independently powered with an off-grid solar-based system with no power outages or power anomalies detected for over 50 days.

The HydroPod

Fresh produce for everyone, everywhere. The HydroPod™ is an accessible gateway to food security. With just a few minutes of work each day, a person with no prior experience in farming can generate vast yields of produce and turn their food security into a profitable venture by selling their organic produce locally. Or stack the ‘Pods™ together and start your own farm! Marry that farm with an AquaPodic™, and you will have a zero waste organic farm.

What to Look Forward to Next from LifePod, Inc.

“To say we are excited would be an understatement,” responded an emphatic Maxwell Burke, co-founder of LifePod, Inc. “We’ve hit a milestone and are building a thing that we truly believe is paradigm shifting. Our prototype wowed even us and we anticipate doubling output on our alpha generation of ‘Pods™. The market for this is a giant blue ocean. Imagine a LifePod™ at the center of every new construction home moving forward, turning off-grid construction from a novelty into the standard. And the opportunity is as profitable as it is environmental. The grid strain reduction [from going off-grid] alone would be staggering. It’s cliche to say it but we actually want to do things to help save the world.”

Based on more than three years of development across a team comprising College of the Mines engineers, entrepreneurs, real estate developers, and former State Dept. personnel, LifePod, Inc. believes it has engineered and pioneered more than just a world-changing platform for off-grid solutions; it believes it has created the world’s first fully functioning arcology prototype. The alpha generation HydroPod™ is available for order now with expected ship dates late in Q3 or early Q4.


LifePod, Inc. is a civil engineering firm with plans to reinvent the civil engineering, construction, and emergency relief industries through utilization of their “Swiss Army Knife” Platform, a catalog of fifty-four ‘Pod™ products that produce everything from the basics like water, power, food, and shelter to the exotic like fully automated surgical operating theatres operating inside chemical-biological-radioactive-nuclear (CBRN)-protected environments. The platform is marketed as a solution system equipped to tackle any challenge whether it be local, city-facing, national, international or even space-based. Check them out at



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