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Greens On Your Patio

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

I have always loved the idea of having a little garden in my own back yard with rows and rows of vegetables that I could till, grow, and harvest. Unfortunately, I live in the city and I simply do not have that kind of space available. But I love the idea of growing my own fresh veggies. I found myself shopping around for planters boxes online, looking for something that I could fit on the patio of my apartment. The typical planters boxes I found seemed to be too bulky or require a certain level of gardening skill that I simply do not possess.

Then I stumbled across a cool little company called Lettuce Grow. I know what you are thinking, "What a catchy name for a company that gets you growing veggies!" Lettuce Grow has taken the concept of the individual urban garden and made something beautiful. Their aptly named product, The Farmstand, is a sleek, modernly designed tower, that hydroponically grows herbs, veggies, and other leafy greens.

The Farmstand comes in 5 different sizes. Farmstand size is determined by available grow sites on the stand. The smallest option has 12 sites which allows you to grow:

  • 3-6 veggies

  • 3-6 herb

  • 0-6 leafy greens

Not a bad haul, if you ask me, but if you needed something a little larger to satisfy your veggie cravings, I hear you, and so does Lettuce Grow. Their largest option is the 36 site stand and houses:

  • 6-8 veggies

  • 6-8 herbs

  • 20-24 leafy greens

Oh you don't have a patio where you can grow all these luscious greens? Lettuce Grow has that figured out too! They have an indoor model that comes equipped with grow lights so you can grow fresh produce right in your own living room, guest room, or even bathroom.

(Not that I would recommend the last option)

Another cool feature about the Farmstand is that all you do is have to plug it in, fill it with water and the appropriate nutrient solution (WHICH COMES WITH THE STAND) plant your greens in the sites and the Farmstand does the rest. A daily check over on that magic hydro solution to make sure your pH is at the appropriate level and you are good to go!

If you are interested in growing your own herbs, veggies or leafy greens (and aren't ready for your very own FarmPod™ yet ;) ), check them out at LettuceGrow. They have a solution for every home type!

Happy Gardening!

Alex @ LifePod


Chrissy Radosti
Chrissy Radosti
Jul 08, 2021

How do i check the hydro solution? What do I need to do that?

Jul 08, 2021
Replying to

Go ahead and check out to find out more about their product!

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