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HydroPods™: A Comprehensive Solution for Food and Water Insecurity in Farming and Beyond

Updated: 6 days ago


The world is on fire in Western America. The conditions that have given rise to these increasing wildfires are numerous but the number one reason is drought.

Currently, 88% of California is under Extreme Drought 2 conditions. For reference, this recording system only goes to Extreme Drought 3. For a state that contributes 13% of the US's consumed food supply, this is beyond alarming - it's a call to action.

What is needed is a solution that can provide food without further straining the water supply or even the land itself. Vertical farming is on the rise but it still seems to be horizontal farming for the most part as vast acreage is required for these footprints. And the water for farming is still drawn from the central supply which, as it stands, is an unsustainable system.

Beyond just removing our presence from the land, we also need to increase yields. We need to achieve yields that will minimize acreage while maximizing output and for that we need complete climate control. Careful balancing of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium as well as carbon dioxide and oxygen can create vast increases in yield.

Finally, it needs to do all of these off grid so as to not impact an already belabored grid with energy intensive bells and whistles that ask much and do little.

Fortunately, we have a solution. The HydroPod™ Off-Grid editions produce gardens worth of food every growing cycle without ever needing an outside input. For more information, or to purchase your own HydroPod™, visit us here.


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